How to Submit your App to AppMart

Before Adding your App at AppMart make sure that you have all of the information to hand.

You will need:

  • Name of App that you wish to Publish
  • App Store URL whether is is available on Google Play, iPhone App Store or Windows Apps
  • Your Apps icon image (144 X 144)
  • A Description of your App
  • A Screen Shot of your App (308 X 547)  as this will be displayed inside the Mobile Device Image of your page.

To Convert your Screen Shot image simply follow the link below:

Convert Screen Shot

Once you have everything ready, follow the screen below to guide you.

  • First Add the Title of your App or Game
  • Copy and Paste your App Store Link from either Google Play or iOS App Store into the “Product URL” Tab
  • Under “Post Content” add your App`s icon image using the “Insert Photo” Tab
  • Once your icon is visible in the description box copy and paste your description from your app store underneath the icon image.
  • Next you will need a screen shot of the app or game, this will need to be 308X547 in size. You can convert your image to the required size using the link above “Convert Screen Shot”
  • Once you have the required sized screen shot, click the “Select Image” Tab next to “Featured Image” and upload your image. This image will be displayed in a mobile device screen once your app has been approved.
  • Select the Categories your app or game fits.
  • Add several tabs so users can easily find your app in the search box
  • Once you have completed all the above steps, click “Submit”

We will then check your app or game and add the additional pieces such as Author of the game and Small description before approving your app.


If your app is NOT published on either Google Play – iTunes App Store or Windows Phone Store your app WILL NOT be published. We DO NOT Publish Amazon or any other app store links. Sorry.

Any Problems with App Submission`s please send us a message along with your images and app store url and we will help you get published.

Also: Please Be Mindful that by not submitting your Apps Icon and Correct size screen shot it may take upto 3 weeks to publish your app.


How to Submit App Submitted App

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